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2 years mag. + CD + 6 back issues

2 years mag. + CD + 6 back issues

2 years mag. + CD + 6 back issues

  • bi-monthly magazine

2 years : 12 magazines + 12 CD + 6 back issues

214€ instead of 269€ + free shipping for the 6 back issues

For intermediate to advanced levels.


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With BIEN-DIRE, the magazine + CD, you will be able to:
-    understand French-speaking culture thanks to the variety of subjects dealt with (society, history, tourism, portraits, life skills, etc.);
-    have access to articles classified by level with key words translated into English;
-    learn idiomatic expressions, current and informal vocabulary;
-    improve your oral comprehension and reading skills with the 60 minute CD, with over 80% of the magazine articles and advanced level spontaneous conversations.

For French as a foreign language teachers, BIEN-DIRE and BIEN-DIRE PLUS are also excellent teaching aids that make use of themes that differ from those found in traditional methods.