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Bien-dire plus - one access

Bien-dire plus - one access

Bien-dire plus - one access

It offers a collection of interactive exercises based on the articles of the magazine Bien-dire and Bien-dire Initial with over 20 exercises per issue : 

- Exercises based on the articles of Bien-dire or bien-dire Initial

- Videos (interview, song...) with transcription and/or exercises.

You can check your progress in oral and written comprehension.


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Several kinds of exercise are offered: multiple choice quizzes, fill in the blanks, matching images or words with definitions, reorganising words, putting sentences back in the right order, etc.For each exercise, a mark and the answers are given.
For teachers, various teacher bonuses will provide you with ideas to liven up lessons and you can print out the exercises too.
The exercises are classified by publication and material is added to the product for each publication.
You can choose one-off simultaneous access or several simultaneous access sessions for classes.